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Image of Author Dr. Julio Antonio del Marmol

Dr. Julio Antonio del Marmol

Dr. Julio Antonio del Marmol is the son of the primary financier behind Fidel Castro's revolution, Leonardo del Marmol. When the revolution won in January, 1959, then-11-year-old Julio Antonio wanted to become part of the revolution. His father arranged to get a letter written by his son detailing a plan to organize the Cuban youth into an army of the future into the hands of Fidel Castro, who flew out to meet the young man. Impressed by the boy's eloquence, he presented Julio Antonio with his own .38 pistol as a give and appointed him Commander-in-Chief of the Young Commandos of the Rebel Army and the youngest military commander in the revolution. Within six months, Che Guevara showed the youth that the plan was to implement a communist system on the island. In distress, he went to warn his father, who accused Julio Antonio of being a traitor and threw his own 12 year old son out of the house. Julio Antonio went to his uncle and revealed everything he had seen, only to discover that his uncle was a master spy going back to World War II, in which he was in charge of the network preventing the Nazis from taking control of the Caribbean and Central/South America. His uncle recruits and trains Julio Antonio, making him the youngest spy in history. He continues in his role, taking secrets from Castro's own office until his cover is blown in 1971 and must leave the island for the US, taking his fight against communism to a global level.