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Thomas J. Askins

Tom Askins is a stockbroker, motivational speaker and author who grew up in post World War II Hawaii as a child of privilege. What Tom recalls more than the upscale tropical lifestyle, material wealth and private school education are the fears and insecurities that go beyond regular childhood angst. Open the lid! chroncicles Tom's fearfull childhood, troubled teen years, his victorious battle with alcoholism, and his subsequent committment to unlocking the potential of others with his self-esteem building programs. The wisdom he shares about identifying emotional triggers, working through fear and developing self-esteem are insightful and life changing. Open the Lid! speaks to the metaphor about a society stifled in social trapings and insecurities. Author Tom Askins is on a mission to set society free from fear. He dares readers to analyze what is really important in life and to take a spiritual walk out of a self-imposed box of anxiety. HOPE is the key to opening the lid.