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The Volumes of Truth

"This Word, even every Volume to every Letter, is the Word of My glory, which I have put forth once again - A testament of My love and sacrifice, the announcement of My coming, a proclamation of truth, revelation of who I really am! The Trumpet Call of God, so all those called and chosen may hear and come to Me in their proper time and season. Behold, it is also a strong correction for all those who have taken to themselves MY name and MY Word, to pollute it, a plumb line for this wicked generation! For this Word is a waving banner, an ensign to all nations, a trumpet of alarm and war, the sound of recompense and judgment, which shall soon fall upon every nation! For I AM WHO I AM, The Only Begotten of The Father, The One True God and Savior, The Mashiach, YAHUSHUA-YAHUWAH!" _____________________________________________________________________________________ *All Books are also available as FREE downloadable PDFs at The Volumes of Truth™, Trumpet Call of God™, and Letters from God and His Christ™ are Non-Profit Ministries and receive no profit from the sale of these books. The price listed for each book is the lowest possible price allowed by Copyright © 2004-2024. All Rights Reserved.