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Tonya Snow-Cook

Although Marti is Tonya Snow-Cook's debut novel, her first experience at writing a novel came in her junior year of college when she wrote Love You Like A Sis (LYLAS). Suffice it to say, that manuscript remains in a box in the bottom of her closet--she suspects...collecting dust. The one thing she learned from that whole experience was that she was a writer, and if she could write that novel, she could write another. Her love for creative writing, naturally, prompted her to try her hand at poetry. And in January 2008, Snow-Cook also released her first poetry book called Wandering Places, which boasts a collection of poems inspired by the physical and emotional journey of life, as can be expressed through "wandering" and "wondering." In her spare time, when not writing poetry or fiction, she also enjoys golf and motorcycling, singing/songwriting, designing web sites and graphic art, animating, speed painting, and social networking.