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Thérèse Wood

I hold the magical wooden key which unlocks TWIN RABBIT POWER How I write..... How do I write? Well, I daydream in prose & my words appear in poetic might Occasionally, I rhyme in coupled rows Or singly, there's neither wrong nor right! My creativity flows in mysterious ways Depending on the matter in hand It's like I've been taken over by a force & musical lyrics flow out, Armed. My writing style is full of adventure & hopefully, amusing to read & like a musical overture There's food for thought Like planting a seed Who is T. Wood? I am a Visionary & dislike anything plain or ordinary I write for our little children Because they are so extraordinary I use hidden humour in my poetic stories For the parents to enjoy & understand I cover imagery from Earth to Galactic glories In my magical Twin Rabbit adventure land..... Hope you enjoy my Twin Rabbit series There are ten books in each one My furry animals aim to please So please enjoy & have Fun!