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Critical Botch The Comic is here, sorry so pricy... I get like, $3 an issue because A LOT OF PEOPLE AT LULU GOTS TO GET PAID! like the guy who hits "Print" on the machine, the 6 people operating the machine, the guy who cleans the machine, the guy who supervises all 9 of them, then his boss, and then HIS BOSS! and finally I get the left over change :D About Critical Botch: The Comic, I asked and was granted permission by Brandon to produce and sell these. Although I drew everything myself in my miserable own way, all the dialog and actions are taken directly from the Twitch show. Rarely do I add anything or take anything away, and sometimes I have to use my artistic license make things run smoothly. This is my attempt at giving you a visual representation of the best RPG game played by pro-wrestlers! Enjoy! About myself, I’m an amateur Cartoonist from Modesto, California. I’ve enjoyed drawing my whole life and enjoyed drawing comics since I was 10. I finally have a comic book that is read and enjoyed by people other than my family and friends. I can’t thank you people enough.