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Verawat Kanoknukroh

Prof.Verawat Kanoknukroh is the Prince of Scifi of Thailand who have 102 published books now on 2010.He is very famous writer in Thailand ,nice and warmly person which you can talk with him in several topics and themes.He is good at in Thai and English .He educated in Master Degree in the field of Industrial Microbiology from Chulalongkorn University and the first honor in Bachelor Degree on the field of Microbiology from ChiangMai University.Actually,He has a long experience more than 17 years to be the Professor in Creative Writing at Bangkok University.You can talk with him now @ his facebook, !!!.He stress to write and create in Scifi and Fantasy novel which he practice and do it everydays.Verawat Kanoknukroh has many and several pen name such as Verawatkanok ,the Prince of Fantasy, the Prince of Scifi and Tommy Veka includes วีรวัฒน์ กนกนุเคราะห์ in Thai.He gets 21 awards from local and international organization.Now he lives in Bangkok Thailand!!!