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Ana Antunes

Ana C. Antunes wrote poems and short-stories for an anthology by Mackenzie Publishing. She finished high school in “Translator and Interpreter in English” at Mackenzie Institute. She graduated in Arts with License in Artistic Education at the University in Sao Paulo (FAAP), in French at Alliance Française and in Ballet with honour in artistic merit. She studied "Arts & Literature" at University IV (at the Sorbonne Building) and Theatre at the Maison de la Culture du Monde in Paris. She performed Carmina Burana at the Opera House in Sao Paulo with the Young Ballet of Sao Paulo, in international dance/theater companies, worked as a staff member for the Metropolitan Ballet Theater in the United States where she also performed. Courses in Transcendental Meditation at UCLA and dance at WAC (World Arts and Culture) in Los Angeles. She taught Creative Movements at the Montgomery College and at the Black Rock Center for the Arts. Her book "Life is Too Short" was published by Devine Destines.