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James Park

‘Hello, My name is James F. Park. It’s not really it’s just plain James Park. I don’t have a middle name. I just stuck the F. in there to confuse you, only joking, well about the confusing part anyway. Sorry, sometimes my wicked Glaswegian sense of humour gets the better of me. If you really, really want to find out what the F. stands for then why not treat yourself to my wee book ‘Aye, that’ll be choclit’, it really is very funny. The James and...books should be puchased in this order: 1st James and the Falcon Budgie: 2nd James and The Porridgedragon:3rd James and The Caterpillar Princess. The Black Dreamz trilogy in this order 1st BLACK DREAMZ followed by MORE BLACK DREAMZ and finally THE FINAL DREAM and are strictly for adult audiences only because they contain sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may offend some readers. Thanks for reading this drivel and please feel free to tell all your family and friends about this cheeky wee Glaswegian