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Word Wings consists of 50+ gifted creatives in 20+ countries, collaborating to create beautiful books for people of all ages under Word Wings/Books &, under Word Wings/for Kids, to entertain children, educate & encourage literacy! J.R.Poulter heads Word Wings Collaborative, producing teacher notes & activity sheets for all books. She worked as senior reference librarian, senior education officer, lecturer in English expression, editor and in a circus. Published in Australia, UK and USA, & Europe, she has 30+ children’s & education books with mainstream & digital publishers. Major awards include Children’s Choice, NZ, Top Ten Children’s & YA Books, NZ & Premier’s Recommended Reading List, NSW. More books are coming. Under J.R.McRae, she creates novels, award-winning literary poetry, short stories & artworks. J.R. loves teaching creativity with words & doing readings. She created a picture book in collaboration with Craig Smith, for a participatory audience at the Lockyer Festival.