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Zatanna Xtra Dark

NSFW 18+ Lover & Writer of BDSM Erotica & Erotic Horror. Cum Search for Me on Lulu, Amazon, Smashwords, Apple, B&N, Kobo, Scribd & Lot's Cave. You're BOUND to Enjoy It! . . . I sure do! You're One of the Lucky . . . Or Un-Lucky Ones to find the Home of My Even Darker Side . . . Here, you'll not only find many of my BDSM Theme'd Erotic Tails . . . in addition the Darkest of the Dark ones. The ones that DON'T have Happy Endings for the Main Characters . . . Yet, still that Happy Ending for you. If you're a FAN of BDSM Erotic Horror, Please Cum and Join Me . . . If not . . . Maybe you should go Check-In at the Horror Hotel. There's always room for another Victi . . . I mean Guest! The Hyper-Realistic Horror Hotel is a Haunted House Experience like None-Other . . . for so many more reasons then it's Truly Dedicated Fans will Ever know. Floor after Floor, Room after Room, this old Hotel has been converted into a Prison of Torture, Pain, Torment and Fear of Death for the Unlucky Actors who thought they'd just be playing Characters in the Fights for their Lives. The Guests who visit the Hotel pay larger amounts to Tour it . . . because it all looks so Real! The Bondage, the pained looks, the blood and the Fear on the Faces of those being held Captive in one Theme room after another . . . Trick is, the Guests don't know the reason it all looks so Real, is because it is ALL REAL! Love, Zatanna Dark P.S. Welcome to what I like to consider my 'Zatanna Xtra Dark' Series!