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A Practical Guide For Working From Home

By$2 Publishing House

Discover an insider's Secret Strategy for Working from Home AND Generating a Great Full-Time Salary! In my e-book, I will provide you with a practical guide to identifying a niche market, finding a product or service to meet the needs of that niche market and then building a successful business around that. I will show you how to avoid a host of home business scams. I will give you a practical guide to setting up your own home business and making it work for you. Why work harder when working smarter will yield you far greater results? I can inspire you and kick start your work from home business! That is where my e-book comes in, showing you exactly how to get the most out of your home business, aimed at tightly targeted marketing towards selected audiences in a vast marketplace!


Publication Date
Jun 7, 2012
Business & Economics
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By (author): $2 Publishing House



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