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Bible answers about SIN

ByAlexandre YOUTA

Sin is the trangression of the law. It comes from the love of things of the world .Greed is the source of sin . One becomes a slave of sin by surrendering permanently to the impure desires and to the carnal tendencies.The only way to get out of this sinful life is to be born again .The sinner is freed from the slavery of the sin when he considers God's word as the key principle of life. There is no man who does not sin. The imagination of the man’s heart is evil from his youth. If the sinner perpetuate a sinful life he remains a slave of sin. Sin plunges man into the servitude of death.The servant of God should not dwell in a sinful life. God's word warns him permanently. Through prayer, the Spirit of Messiah in him will triumph on the spirit of the world. Man is carnal, sold under sin. But in the Messiah the God’s elect has victory over sins. Without the Messiah, he can’t fight the power of darkness.


Publication Date
Sep 29, 2011
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Alexandre YOUTA



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