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Bad Dog Tales Unleashed!

Bad Dog Tales Unleashed!

ByAllen Community Authors

In an effort to capture these “I can top that” tales and keep the reading and community spirit momentum, the ALLen Reads committee collected true stories in this community anthology of “bad dog” stories. Humans of all ages had the opportunity to share their own stories in written form with the rest of our community. We have stories that date back to Depression times, from as far away as India and from business people and homemakers, a story from a four year old, elementary age children, teens and retired folks. Our goal for this first edition was to include all true memoir type stories that were electronically submitted in an effort to capture stories that families and neighbors tell each other at the mailbox, in the alley way, in line at the post office and in the coffee shop or each other’s homes. It is a hope of this committee that the reading continues long after we put Marley back on the book shelf and that we continue to tell, write, and share stories.


Publication Date
Sep 30, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Allen Community Authors



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