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License Your Million Dollar Idea

ByAriela Wilcox

LICENSE YOUR MILLION DOLLAR IDEA. The Power of Trademark Name Licensing. License Your million Dollar Idea is the first book with an overview of Trademark Name Licensing written by the foremost expert in the U.S. - Ariela Wilcox - President of Brand It Own It, Ltd., Del Mar, California. This e-Book will give the reader the following information: • What is Trademark Name Licensing? • What’s the difference between Licensing and Trademark Name Licensing? • What is the difference between Trademark Name Licensing and Franchising? • The 3 Secrets to setting up your own Trademark Name Licensing program. • A chart of the potential Revenues you can make with sales of your Trademark Name License and other streams of revenue. • e-Book contains a SPECIAL OFFER to readers - A LICENSING EVALUATION CONSULT of 1 Hour - to assess if your Idea, Product, Service, Web based business, or Business is the type of Idea or Business that will be of benefit to you and your BRAND and create Revenues for you.


Publication Date
Oct 10, 2007
Business & Economics
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By (author): Ariela Wilcox



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