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The Accidental Catechism: How I Found Jesus Without Really Trying

The Accidental Catechism: How I Found Jesus Without Really Trying

ByBenjamin G. Snell

The Accidental Catechism is a brief recounting of a terrifying adventure that inadvertently thrust upon an innocent boy the beauties, wonders, mysteries and terrors of Universal Christianity. From the quiet clamor of the elementary school classroom to the happenstance bus ride gone wrong, to the marvels of an alien sanctuary holding tiny humans in its thrall. This is a story of friendly strangers and fleeting horror. Men in Black mistaken for demons, and Women in Black and White mistaken for monsters. Snell sketches his spiritual life with a short broad brush beginning with his accidental exposure to Catholicism, then quickly moving on to Bible College with a Protestant Cult. It is a general criticism of clergymen at work, and a teaser that draws back the curtain on his current, mature, and other than mainstream religious convictions. Part settled, part tentative Snell's ideas are rooted in physical science and biblical languages. Says he: "That accident opened my eyes, and changed my game."


Publication Date
Jun 22, 2019
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Benjamin G. Snell



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