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Sentrix, Society after Breast Expansion

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ByBest BE

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The old man effort her a book and some refreshments, milk of course. Sentrix, Society after Breast Expansion, Selected for you Preview There was Alex, Jenny, and Bianca. All of them had perfect, smooth skin. All of them had huge either G or H cups. All the people invited to the party were finally here. It was time to put up the music and to get this party on. Cassandra turned on the music and it was dance time. “Wow, Cassandra, look at you,” Emily was getting intimate with the urban-looking God- dess. “What do you mean, exactly?” “I didn’t notice you and how big you got in the past few weeks.” “You’ve got to be kidding me? You actually didn’t notice them?” Cassandra asked Emily, smiling and giggling at the same time. … The healthier you are getting, the better it is. Right?” Cassandra kept complimenting her which made Emily blushed a lot. Her cheeks were blazing on fire by the time Cassandra placed her fingers all over her big titties. In their little, cor- ner of the living room, the two girls began getting personal, touching and grabbing each other’s boobs, feeling each other. …. “Feel The Freedom”. This hits the very core of her existence and she falls in a state of crises. “How come that to get a good job, I have to wear the things that I don’t like, clothes that don’t suit me and do nothing except for exposing my body and my cleavage. Why is it so that I have this body at all? Doesn’t Sentrix know this is hard-life, and having such big breasts make life more difficult? You walk, and your rack would jiggle, you walk fast, and they would start to jump on their own hitting your upper-navel. You run and they would hurt more! Wearing such tight recommended clothing just adds to the misery. No-bra means the texture of the clothing is going to constantly scratch your nipples, and make them stiff. The tightness makes your entire existence feel naked and you can see all the eyes staring at you, making you feel constantly horny and heated”,


Publication Date
Apr 21, 2022
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By (author): Best BE



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