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Better Than Starbucks September 2020 Premium

ByBetter Than Starbucks

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The Interview — Sophia Naz by Anthony Watkins and five poems by Sophia Naz. Featured Poems: Viparinama by Terence Culleton. Laundry Day by Angelica Allain. Star-crossed Lover by Banqobile Virginia Dakamela. cadet misplaced her brain again, sir by N. C. Krueger. Smoking Zone by Ned Nutkins. untitled by Cyril Ioutsen. Free Verse with Suzanne Robinson featuring Chris Stewart, J. C. Mari, Angelica Allain, John Raffetto, Sandra Kacher, Elisabetta Fato, John Sweeder, Nicholas Gentile, and Kara Crawford. Haiku with Kevin McLaughlin featuring Diana L. Frybarger, Carol Barrett, Ingrid Bruck, James B. Nicola, Avery F. Thompson, Rachel Zempel, Angela Davidson, Joseph Davidson, Tracy Davidson, Kiersta Recktenwald, Deborah P Kolodji, and Ethan McGuire. Formal & Rhyming Poetry with Vera Ignatowitsch featuring Richard Wakefield, Barbara Loots, Jared Carter, Midge Goldberg, Len Krisak, Elinor Ann Walker Phillips, Gail White, Mathew Wenham, Peter Vertacnik, Donald Carlson, Joel Schueler, Mark Blaeuer, and Jerome Betts. Free Verse with Vera Ignatowitsch featuring Julie Weiss, Gene Twaronite, Eddie Dowe, Betsy Mars, Leela Srinivasan, and Dennis Maulsby. Poetry Translations with Susan McLean featuring Julia Griffin translating Constantin Cavafy, David Rosenthal translating Lope De Vega, and Ranald Barnicot translating Catullus. Poetry for Children with Robert Schechter featuring Suzy Levinson, Jackie Hosking, William Peery, Kate Williams, Sarah Ziman, and Daniel Galef. International Poetry with Vera Ignatowitsch featuring Shifali Gulati, Kalyani Bindu, Nilakshi Borgohain, Sheikha A., and Aneek Chatterjee. African Poetry with Vera Ignatowitsch featuring Soonest Nathaniel, Ndaba Sibanda, Pearson Lemani, Lind Grant-Oyeye, and Sarah Amuche Akpu. Poetry Unplugged featuring Donald Carlson, Joseph Nolan, Lara Dolphin, Judy Koren, and Gayle Compton. Experimental & Form Poetry with Joseph E. Petta featuring Maura Atwood, Mary McCormack, Hiram Larew, Michelle Disler, and Jacob Grossfeld. Fiction: The Girl on the Grass by Robert P. Bishop. Flash Fiction: Jupiter by Marina Rubin. Better Than Fiction!: Footnote to a Poem by Taylor Gaede. From The Mind: How Can I Write Better Poetry? by Anthony Watkins.


Publication Date
Aug 19, 2020
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By (author): Better Than Starbucks


Interior Color
Black & White
Crown Quarto (7.44 x 9.68 in / 189 x 246 mm)

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