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To Do Life And Business Your Way

ByBeverley Fray

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When building a business it can so often feel as if there are rules you have to follow, that if you dare stray from that path you won't "make it". We're often told that you have to push through and just do it, even if it's something that makes you feel uncomfortable and yet all of that couldn't be further from the truth. There isn't one way, there's someone else's way and then there'll be YOUR WAY. You may not know what that way is yet or you may not know what other ways there are. That's where this book comes in. Inside this book you'll find inspiration from stories on how our authors did it their way. How they've unlocked their success and a life they love, whilst doing it their way. If you're ready to say goodbye to round pegs and square holes, if you're ready to un-apologetically embrace your way in every area of your life, reach your success on your terms and do it in a way that's totally aligned with you, then your journey will begin right here. Brought to you by Authors: Beverley Fray, Amanda Coles, Anna Fairs, Ashley Cahill, Brenda Gabriel, Deasha Waddup, Helen Jane, Jo Gilbert, Nadine De Zoeten, Nicole Thorne, Sera Johnston and Simon Kozlowski. Foreword by Andrea McLean


Publication Date
Jul 10, 2021
Biographies & Memoirs
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By (author): Beverley Fray


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