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Interlingua-English Dictionary: A Supplement

ByCarlos Soreto

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A treasure of words Communication has never been so important as it is today. Communication across borders just as important. An efficient way of assuring that all types of messages — spoken and written — can reach as wide an audience as possible, is to make use of the international vocabulary. Seventy-two years ago, on January 15, 1951, the forward-looking result of 27 years of hard work in an international group of recognized scientists and linguists finally was ready; since then Interlingua has developed and grown with the international vocabulary, and so the “Interlingua-English Dictionary” (IED) from 1951 constantly needs a more extensive supplement to collect and register all the extra words. Carlos Soreto, secretary general of the World Interlingua Union (Union Mundial pro Interlingua, UMI) 2010-2012 and during many years the Interlingua representative in Portugal, has for years dedicated time and energy to the meticulous work of assuring that this important work is being done. The present supplement (290 pages) presents more than 18,000 “new” Interlingua words with their translation in English, all entries following the linguistic methodology behind Interlingua, assuring their internationality and, thus, worldwide comprehensibility. This Supplement — with also an errata list for the IED — is an important reference work, which will be fiercely consulted by all professional users of Interlingua in search for expressing exactly the right nuance. Thomas Breinstrup Panorama in Interlingua


Publication Date
Jan 8, 2023
Education & Language
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By (author): Carlos Soreto


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