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Straight Talk for Partners: Is Common Ground Possible?

Essential Guide for Partners of adults who seem set on their own track (or who could be on the Autism Spectrum)

ByCarol Grigg

Based on more than twenty years of support work and counselling with partners of adults with Asperger's Syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disorder), this book goes beyond the call to understand and accept the differences present when one partner is on the Autism Spectrum, and to actually confront some aspects of these relationships that remain unacceptable and typically resistant to personal appeal or professional guidance. Partner stories continue to expose an all pervasive sense of powerlessness experienced in these situations, the subtle slide away from basic social benchmarks, and a crippling absence of effective relationship tools and strategies for managing daily challenges or creating positive change. This book presents some internationally accepted principles to re-create benchmarks for partners to use to assess the state of their relationship, their own emotional well-being and their partner's level of participation in forging and sustaining whatever common ground is possible, taking into account however the inherent limited capacities of those who may be on the Autism Spectrum. It is believed that the principles presented in this book could equally be useful in any complicated and difficult relationship characterized by a lack of mutuality and reciprocity.


Publication Date
Feb 25, 2022
Parenting & Families
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By (author): Carol Grigg



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