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Dreadful Desires: The Samhain Collection

Dreadful Desires: The Samhain Collection

ByCelia McKinley

Explicit Content
DESCRIPTION: A special Halloween collection of three supernatural erotica stories from the Dreadful Desires series, each set during the month of October: "Season of Owls," "Imps of the Perverse," and "The Hungry Forest." This collection also includes a special introduction from the author and each story's cover art. EXCERPT: These three stories take place during October, amid the falling leaves and faintly whispering wind, and each one focuses on a different part of the world, offering its own perspective. In each story, a heroine’s confronted with the unnatural, with the danger and allure of the darkness, and finds herself reflected within it. The first, “Season of Owls,” is set in the deserts of New Mexico the night before Halloween, and draws upon Old West and Apache folk tales to tell the story of Isabel’s erotic encounter with the bogeyman she’s feared her whole life. The boundaries between childhood terror, adolescent curiosity, and adult desire blur together, and in her sensuous abandon she finds her own answer to the darkness. Isabel becomes a part of it, and becomes a new ghost story to tell. The next story is “Imps of the Perverse,” which trades the eerie isolation of Hope Springs for the quaint New England town of Blackburn. Gina is as ordinary a teenager as any horror movie character, but this is no ordinary horror story. Witches and curses abound, and with them the one thing most terrifying to Puritan society: a woman fully embracing her sensuous beauty, unrestrained and reveling in the pleasures of the flesh. What becomes of Gina, and what her fate means for both her and the people of Blackburn, is left for the reader to decide, but one thing is certain: the forbidden pleasure she’s discovered has no end in sight. The last is “The Hungry Forest,” and this one goes further afield to northeast China to tell a centuries-old story of ghostly temptation and lust. While it’s rooted in ancient history and folklore, this is a thoroughly modern tale about a young woman haunted by the darkness outside her bedroom window and struggling to resist the whispering shadows that tempt her each night like the serpent offering Eve the fruit. When circumstances conspire to lure Jia into the haunted forest despite her misgivings, she discovers both the blissful fulfillment of those carnal promises and the terrible danger of surrendering herself to them.


Publication Date
Feb 18, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Celia McKinley



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