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The Heavenly Realm of ANGELS

ByCharles Powers

This book is entitled... ":The Heavenly Realm of Angels" So... What on Earth Is an Angel? They’re beings of light who send information/loving thoughts through our higher self to inspire/guide us. These Angelic beings have all of the properties of light---speed, brightness, and of the power to heal as well as to obliterate darkness. These Angels are at the willing in order to help you connect your higher self with heaven so that you can be happier here on earth. Angels sense that the natural state of life is one of…joy, of happiness, laughter, beauty, the qualities of heaven, and the Angels” own realm. An Angel is a guardian/messenger from heaven. Heaven is where miracles originate, and to where love exists as pure, unconditional healing energy, and where human beings are regarded as protected species having free will. Angels can/do bring the heavenly realm to humans on earth if we want it and are willing to accept it. One way to think of Angels is as “coaches” in the game of life. An Angel can be our private coach by reminding us to include fun and happiness in our life game. Angels work/play “behind the scenes” to inspire in humans our inborn gifts, talents and genius. They also work/play around the clock in their timeless dimension to synchronize human life. An Angel’s (main) function is in keeping you from feeling unimportant in this vast sea of humanity. Angels teach us that nothing is truly serious. We, as human beings, can perform feats of amazing creativity when our minds are freed from the weight of seriousness. We CAN heal ourselves from dis-ease…mental and physically, and we can turn our lives around just with changing the way we think. Angels recognize the great number of higher possibilities within which human beings are blessed. They are assigned to teach humans the way of “lightness”, so that “human potential” can become “human reality”. Free will gives us all of humans tremendous creative power. We have the power to create timeless gifts of…art, literature, music, and of great thinking to fully inspire the human race…even long after we are gone. We have been given “freedom of choice”, to choose any spiritual/non-spiritual path we desire. Our free will gives us those little “ups and downs” we experience along the path we have chosen. May this book bless you with a better understand of (Heavenly) Angels. SO MOTE IT BE !


Publication Date
Nov 22, 2021
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Charles Powers



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