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Guide to Windows 8 - not 4 geeks

ByChristian Schonberger

Every new version of Windows is more complex than the older versions. Even if the newer version contains a dozen new wizards and other helps, an average user needs more and more time to learn how to use the new system. This guide will teach you how to install, configure and use your Windows 8 system in order to make your digital life easier and more comfortable. We will discuss about the following themes: - How to upgrade your system to Windows 8 or how to make a clean install - The Start Screen and the well-known Desktop - The Windows 8 style apps such as Calendar, Mail, Games, Sports - Ho to use the brand new Windows Store - How to manage your media files such as music, videos, photos - How to keep secure your system by using the built in firewall and antivirus - How to manage the user accounts - How to personalize your Windows 8’s appearance and much more. So if you want to become a professional Windows 8 user or just want to make your digital life easier, this guide is for you.


Publication Date
Oct 28, 2012
Computers & Technology
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Christian Schonberger



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