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The Pathfinder Diaries

Tales Sculpted by Sea

ByCory Belyea

Car chase in Colombia. Police extortions in Mexico. Tenacious border caddies in Central America. Terrorism in Guatemala. Century swell in the Caribbean. Twenty-six border crossings on expired Californian tags. These were just some of the events Cory Belyea, a gringo, and his trusty Pathfinder encountered on a quest that carved 22,000 miles out of the Americas on the way down to Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina. For what? The waves, the romance, the adventure? The road trip became a testament of how far a surfer would go to honor a fallen friend chasing down the dream. Would it be enough? In The Pathfinder Diaries, Belyea shares a wild, life-altering journey. Writing with candor and from the heart, his words uncover the beauty and injustices of the American continent. In his short stories, his love for the ocean, languages, and the people of Latin American shines bright. Praise for The Pathfinder Diaries “Hard to put a masterpiece into such little words. An incredible story about adventure, human connection, and friendship.” —Profesora Serocki “An epic journey of discovery and homage. Cory Belyea captures the unique love affair that all seafarers, surfers, and free-divers have with the ocean. Belyea searches for the perfect wave to honor his friend Mike, taking the reader on adventures spanning thousands of miles of land and sea throughout Latin America.” —Captain Chris


Publication Date
Oct 30, 2020
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Cory Belyea



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