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Redemptive Beauty - Hope Beyond Abortion

Healing the Layers

ByCynthia Collins

Turning Sorrow into Your Story of Redemptive Beauty… It is time for healing. Have you had that lingering pain from trauma, from abortion, abuse, abandonment, addiction or another inflicted wound? We learn how to carry them well. Don't we? We walk around with internal wounds we've learned to suppress with controlled emotions and behaviors that look good on the outside but we know and feel a lingering pain. We've just learned how to live…or die emotionally…with it. We become drawn to distractions to numb the pain, sometimes even unknowingly. These can be distractions like over work or involvement in activities, continually living in a life of chaos, relationships without honor (emotional or physical, addiction (alcohol, drugs, pornography, food, self harm)…any addiction to distract our emotions from feeling…or coming face to face with our pain…lingering shame…difficulties of truly receiving Jesus Love… We dress up well or maybe we do not. In either case our soul is disabled and not living to the fullest as the Lord has intended. Sometimes we've learned how to live reacting to the triggered wounds and the emotionally wounded people around us. Until one day we realize and begin to awake to the Lord’s dream for our life. We feel a mixture of sorrow and a flicker of desire to live a story of redemption. A story of the desire of why we've been created. Each one of us uniquely made with the fingerprint of God on our heart. A new story where everything we've walked thru, the sorrow, the sin, the shame…and more…is turned into a story of Jesus Redemptive Beauty. Nothing is lost. No story is wasted. No life is unwanted or beyond repair or receiving love. Jesus wants us to heal, to learn, to live with the dream He's placed in our heart.


Publication Date
Jul 31, 2022
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Cynthia Collins



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