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Salvation & Eternal Life 101 Scripture Quotes

Salvation & Eternal Life 101 Scripture Quotes

ByD. Philipp Kaiser

A while back, while meditating about God, I wanted to read more in the Scripture about Salvation and Eternal Life. I built this collection of 101 Scripture Quotes so that I could easily find, read and meditate on one each day, and if you use it that way, it will cover 101 days… I would then just start over again, but use it as works best for you. I have added my feelings about what each Scripture quote means to me; they are only notes to me and ignore them if you want, as my words may not correctly get the Lord’s messages across. Freely use whatever you want, and then pray and thank God, but not me as I am only a channel for our Lord. I am at best only a very small and feeble beam of light pointing the way towards the Light of Christ… Copy and share this book with anyone to spread God’s Word and His Kingdom. Remember, Choose God each and every day, for to Choose is Worship, and Worship is Love, and our unconditional Love is what our God always wants most from us. More at


Publication Date
Mar 23, 2014
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): D. Philipp Kaiser



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