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What to Do When You Really Need Money

ByDaniel Steinberg

Trying to make money while you’re worrying about money is the equivalent of trying to swim a distance while wearing concrete shoes. You progress an inch or two and get so tired out from the effort that you can’t continue, until you start sinking and gasping for air and the instinct to survive kicks in and you thrash about for another inch or two. Unless you’re really close to shore, the odds of your making it are generally not in your favor. That is the aim of this book: to offer the much-needed perspective someone in a state of financial crisis often lacks, and to serve as rescue boat of sorts, whose job is to drag a ship in a state of distress back home to safe harbors. This book is the result of my personal struggle with living paycheck to paycheck and being completely broke for years; it is my exit story and a record of the lessons I picked up along the way. I hope that you find value in it and share it with others who might find themselves in similar situations.


Publication Date
Aug 19, 2014
Personal Growth
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By (author): Daniel Steinberg



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