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Jonathan's Trip to the Other Side

Jonathan's Trip to the Other Side

A comic adventure for those who like their humour 'off the wall' rather than off the peg.'

ByDL Gates

Jonathan's Trip to the Other Side' is a comic fantasy for children & young adults, relating the events of a camping break which turned into an outlandish adventure for Jonathan Trenchcoat, Jethro the blacksmith, and Transport the camel. It all starts as a result of a little inter-dimensional flux; when a hole appears in the trouser pocket of the universe. It's not so much a black hole, just one which could do with a spot of emergency darning. But like a missing manhole cover on the sidewalk of life... you just know that someone is going to fall through it. So Jonathan and Jethro arrive in a land where Mother Nature is on holiday, Grandma Chaos is in charge, time has a tendency to travel in curves, and the laws of physics only apply on weekdays after 7pm. Jonathan and Jethro are given a task to perform in order to earn passage back to their own dimension. It's not an impossible task, they just have to find a crystal ball, and apparently it came through the wormhole just before they did. The only problem is that someone has already claimed it. By now it could have been melted down to make a nice pair of ornamental vases. It's a race against time, and time doesn't like to lose. The colourful landscape is peppered with characters such as Zabbadoc the Wealthy, brother of Zebroc the not Quite so Wealthy, cousin to Hammal the Positively Stinking Rich; a desert nomad race to whom bartering is a not just a way of life, it's a religion... and one which they fervently encourage others to join. Then there's the forest dwelling Two-Feet tribe, a race whose pursuit of gastronomic perfection is only tempered by the limitation of the size their stomachs; and whose bible is a recipe book. It is a book for those who like their humour 'off the wall' rather than off the peg. As Jonathan himself might say 'It's the kind of book you just can't put down... it must be something to do with the chewing gum on the cover.'


Publication Date
Jul 13, 2023
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): DL Gates



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