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Human Life Represented

ByEdwin Fisher

This PDF Book is a modernized version of a sermon written by the Rev Josiah Hill in 1810 and used at the funeral of Richard Fisher. It was described as “A pertinent and animated sketch of the character of a man now resigned to the divine sovereignty”, and became a popular sermon being published for several years. The sermon tries to portray human life using nature to make a comparison. It highlights man’s vulnerability, the difficulties we face in life and how short life is, but also explores the good things about life, our relationships, our successes, our pleasures. It also gives an insight into Richards’s life, what he was like and how he faced death. I have taken the original sermon which was hard to read and re-written it using modern phrasing and language, trying to keep to the original theme and context as much as possible. Richard Fisher who died from Tuberculosis aged 29 had trained as a preacher in the Wesleyan Methodist church from the age of 17 under the guidance of the Rev Josiah Hill.


Publication Date
Aug 17, 2013
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Edwin Fisher



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