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Amuse Me With Your Mouth

You'll Suck to Show Your Submission

ByEmily Masters

Do you dream of sucking a dildo while a dominant woman looks down at you and laughs? Perhaps you picture yourself on your knees, wearing only lingerie as she presses her strap-on into your mouth! You'll be locked in chastity, of course, unable to enjoy an erection even as you're expected to selflessly worship her stiffness. You'll have to demonstrate what you can do with your lips and tongue if you're not to stay denied, showing your submission by bobbing your head back and forth without care for how your own cock aches! In these stories about sissies sucking strap-ons and sex toys, you're the sissy, and you have to suck! Nothing entertains me more than making you use your mouth, silencing any protests with my thick shaft! You'll have to endure frustration and humiliation as you humble yourself, sometimes having to wear lipstick, sometimes having to perform in front of my friends. You won't forget that your place is to please when I insist that you amuse me with your mouth.


Publication Date
Mar 7, 2021
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Emily Masters



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