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En Francais, Fifi!

Essential French for Sissy Maids and Secretaries

ByEmily Masters

en francais, Fifi! is a course in basic French for the submissive crossdresser. It is intended to give the student an understanding of the language sufficient to permit him to perform the functions of a maid or secretary without any need to resort to English. Putting a solid emphasis on grammar, this textbook for sissies teaches all the vocabulary that a feminized servant or subordinate should know, using exaggerated examples that will prove as memorable as they are provocative. The would-be speaker will find himself immersed in a world where men wear bras and chastity belts as they seek to please their female superiors with selfless submission, forever fearing shameful punishment. Ideal for adult role-play, this book can be used as a serious course of study, requiring the reader to make a real effort to master it. Each of the forty nine lessons includes exercises to test the understanding, swiftly separating those willing to put in the work from those who think they can shirk!


Publication Date
Apr 1, 2021
Parenting & Families
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By (author): Emily Masters



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