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COSMIC MECHANICS-How We Create Reality With Zero-Point and Quantum Waves

ByFred Aeilts

Recent discoveries in Quantum Mechanics have proved that there is no discrete particle or solid chunk of anything in the whole Physical Universe. It is all standing waves arising from the seething zero-point field created by cosmic beings like you and me. The properties of mass, inertia, charge and gravity are the result of space resonances produced by zero-point scalar waves. This book with color pictures details the theory, models and mathematics of zero-point scalar waves, gravity, magnetism, biophotonics, the creation of 200 trillion year old orbs that we take with us between bodies, the source of evil, the basis of vibrational healing and psychic abilities, who you really are, how hypnotism works, how your personal orb affects you, our prison planet, and how to photograph orbs. Your orb is an insidious and diabolical quantum computer that disables you and ruins your lives. If you want to know how things work in this and other universes, read this book.


Publication Date
Sep 30, 2011
Science & Medicine
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By (author): Fred Aeilts



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