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Introduction to Igneous Rocks

Introduction to Igneous Rocks

ByHomework Help Classof1

"About the Igneous rocks: The Igneous rocks are the oldest type of rocks among all. The word ""Igneous"" comes from a Greek word which means fire. In the deepest part of the Earth, the minerals are found in a liquid form, which is known as magma. When the magma pushes towards the surface of the Earth, it starts to get cool and converts into the solid Igneous rocks. The formation of Igneous Rocks: The Igneous rocks are known as the fire rocks and these are generally formed underground or above the ground. The rocks are formed underground while the magma or the melted rock get trapped in the small pockets of the Earth. As the pockets get cool slowly, the magma turns into the Igneous rocks. Igneous rocks can also be formed when the volcanoes erupt. In this time, the magma rise above the surface of the Earth, When the magma comes above the Earth, it is known as the Lava. After that, the magma or lave spreads on the ground and get cool. This way, the Igneous rocks get formed. "


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Feb 13, 2013
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