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Perfume, Soap and Candle Making - The Beginners Guide

ByIrene Palmer

It's a well-known fact that beauty and all the related products are a multi-billion dollar industry. If you have any doubt, just step into the perfume aisle of your favorite department store. Beautiful people in expensive attire emote across your TV screen every day telling you that their products will make you live longer and love better. What is a little know fact, however, is that the mysterious ingredients for those expensive little items they are touting are actually pretty basic. Not only that, but there really aren't that many secrets about how to formulate them into your own personalized items. Learning how to create your very own perfumes, soaps and beautiful candles is really quite simple - once you know how. And, once you know how to create them for yourself it's a simple leap to creating beautiful gifts for those you love and care about. Discover secret formulas, tips and techniques to creating your own hallmark scents, soaps and candles now!


Publication Date
Dec 16, 2012
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By (author): Irene Palmer



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