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Young Voices

Anthology of Students' Fiction

ByJared Morningstar

If we are going to improve human civilization, the arts need to be at the forefront, just as they have been throughout history during important cultural revolutions. When positive change has happened, artists of all mediums have led the charge. While politicians claim ignorance and worry more about keeping power than using it responsibly, artists call out flaws in society that can no longer be ignored. It’s no wonder why, then, that art has been suppressed and shackled in history’s strictest dictatorships. It is because of this that we all should be thankful that the young, creative voices included within this anthology have not been silenced. Whether discussing social issues, pondering everyday truths, or examining human relationships, the authors in Young Voices are doing us all a great service. We need them and their artistic peers to keep observing humanity around them and let their words and images move us forward, indeed, to truly guarantee us all a better tomorrow. YOUNG VOICES features fifteen pieces of fiction from fifteen Student writers from around the world -------------------- Edited by JARED MORNINGSTAR -------------------- Authors featured in this Anthology are: Sean Pan, Uditi Gupta, Tobin Houchin, Shayla Bond, Isabella Mittempergher, Brenna Dean, Gaia Stein, Elizabeth Shorkey, Gisela Bunch, Nirmita Noor, Lauren Wells, Dipro Mandal, Aastha Raisurana, Abby Caines, Kaya Mandala B. Novicio -------------------- Cover Art: CDD20 ( Illustrations: Sumonjit Sarkar, Sayantan Choudhury, Tarik Turan, Amy Gillard, Lood Goosen, Mabel Amber, PanBrodacz, Jakaria Islam, Leandro De Carvalho, Javier Rodriguez


Publication Date
Sep 24, 2020
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
Edited by: Jared Morningstar



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