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ByJL Schneider

What happens to a man when his world is destroyed before his eyes? Jessie Carr, combat veteran, war hero, family man, is one such man. Jessie isn’t your typical hero, nor is he your typical villain. He is a man caught between two worlds, one of love and family, the other of drugs and violence. Jessie proves he can survive in both worlds, but at what cost? When Jessie's wife is brutally murdered, Jessie is determined to let the law handle it. When the law fails, Jessie makes a life changing decision, to seek justice on his own. His world spirals out of control, where one violent act leads to another; alone in this struggle he recruits two old friend, ex military buddies. All three enter a world they didn’t even know existed, but they adapt fast. Ordinary men, or are they. Hero or Villain, after you read Shades of Grey you may still not know, but you will understand what drives Jessie and makes him the man he is. You may love him, or you may hate him, but one thing you will never do, is forget him.


Publication Date
Sep 27, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): JL Schneider



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