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Sometimes...You Gotta Kicka Cab!

ByJohn Oscar Hein

I wrote "Sometimes...You Gotta' Kicka' Cab!" with several ideas in mind. One was to express my philosophy on life and the role that religion plays in our lives. The bulk of the book, are the stories of people I have met along life's journey. I moved to Las Vegas in 1973 at nineteen years old, driving west with a car full of dreams. From the day I got to Vegas, I was lucky to meet people who have become life long friends. Being wealthy, to me, is to be truly happy at whatever level of success you have achieved, if your not happy now, then when? The stories of these encounters and different crazy scenario's I've found myself in, make up this book. Have you ever lost two hours of time driving through the desert in the middle of the night? Have you ever lived with a murderer, or two? I've been told to write a book and here it is. Life is a learning experience and I know that school is never out. Get on the bus, you're going for a ride, if you don't understand it, then you're on the short bus! Oscar and Bernie.


Publication Date
Jun 7, 2012
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): John Oscar Hein



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