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Homophobia and Healing

Psychotherapy and the Psychology of Prejudice

ByJoseph Randolph Bowers PhD

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With over thirty years of dedication and twenty years of published research Homophobia and Healing: Psychotherapy and the Psychology of Prejudice, is a provocative, timeless, scholarly, and professional work. A comprehensive analysis maps one-thousand-years of bias against same gender love; then details the literature from the 1970s representing the most pivotal fifty years for LGBTIQ2S+ health and psychology. The author engages the controversial debates on homosexuality, gender, sexual difference, race, and Indigenous issues. Modern narratives of clients and therapists help examine the cold war impacts of chronic homophobia, violence, racism, and prejudice. Therapeutic modelling in the mechanisms of prejudice reveals the origins of trauma, and sketches pathways for healing, self- development, and counseling therapy. At this critical juncture in global politics, this reflection on the polarization of entrenched attitudes provides clear thinking, rational debate, and de-escalating strategies. Built for helping professionals, counsellors, psychologists, social workers, ministers, educators, nurses, and health practitioners. This is your how-to and go-to text for gaining minority infused and informed skills to address prejudicial patterns and post-trauma recovery in homophobia, racism, and other forms of prejudice. Inspiring and powerful reading during these troubling times when basic human rights cannot be taken for granted.


Publication Date
Jul 3, 2020
Social Science
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By (author): Joseph Randolph Bowers PhD


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