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ByJustin Lodge

IT IS TIME TO GET YOUR SHIT SORTED The problem today is that: • Professionals and entrepreneurs do not have safe spaces to learnand grow. • They don’t have anyone with healthy masculine energy who can hold the space for them. • They feel like there is a glass ceiling holding them back and they are tired and exhausted from pushing themselves hard up against it. • They want to take their life to the next level in business and personal relationships. • But they also know that if they keep going the way they have been then they’re going to burn out. They want to get their shit sorted out and they don’t have time to waste. Making darkness visible is the “difference that makes a difference” in our personal growth and leadership. This book tells the stories how I and my clients got our shit sorted and how we created a life of delicious adventure. How we found strength, power, heart and courage to take our lives to the next level by making our darkness visible. My clients are travelling the world, investing in assets and having the adventures that they have been craving for years. Justin is the author of three Amazon #1 bestselling books. He has lived and worked in five countries, and currently chooses to live and work in the unique and amazing city of Singapore that is a vibrant hustling melting pot of Malay, Chinese, Tamil and rapidly-fading colonial cultures. He is a parent to five adult children, and has one grand-cat.


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Jun 23, 2023
Personal Growth
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By (author): Justin Lodge



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