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Used By God - Genesis

ByKeith West

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Sometimes we may feel that if there is a God, then he must not care about me. I am just one in a trillion people he ever created. Honestly, I feel like this sometimes and I am a preacher, went to seminary, got ordained. I even heard the Voice of God four times in my life speak to me. I have seen God do extraordinary things in my life and I have even seen revivals spring up in the middle of my life when I wasn’t even trying to do ministry. God seems to use me. I have to admit though, this book wasn’t created and this whole series wasn’t started because I feel encouraged to tell everyone that God can use them, but honestly, I personally doubt that God will use me, despite every way he already has. I wrote this to really reaffirm and reassure that God can and will use Keith West and anyone else he chooses to use. In this series called Used By God, we will dig deep into the biblical realm and see how God used these ordinary, imperfect, and sinful men and women, to write His Love Story to the World. At the end of each section, you will see a whole page with lines. On that page write a few key points that you have taken for your own personal Walk With God. You can read the story from the bible about the individual, which I highly encourage, and pick 3, 4, 5 or however many key points you want and that you have learned from each person’s story and you can use this book later as a reminder to yourself of these truths.


Publication Date
Feb 4, 2021
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Keith West


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