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Conscience of Justice

Conscience of Justice


FRAUD. ABDUCTION. FORCED ADOPTION. KIDNAPPING. CONSPIRACY. BANDITRY. BETRAYAL. BURGLARY. DECEPTION. CORRUPTION. EPILEPSY. DISABILITY. PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE. POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER (PTSD) In an electrifying series of stunning twists and emotional surprises, Detective Inspector Tobias le Blanc is pushed to the limit as he leads his team on the hunt for a crime syndicate in a burglary case. Alvin Clyde is the Attorney, and while feeling the strain of a hard-hitting court case, he is abducted by banditry the night before the court trial - a price he had to pay for taking on a brief he thought was worth five million pounds sterling. His client’s life was at risk as the crime syndicate was after his life. When a devastating new lead emerges from a conversation between two inmates overhead by a prison warden, it becomes the saving grace of the investigation. This type of case can make or break a young lawyer, yet under these circumstances, it could also get a lawyer killed! Find out how the investigation races to find the suspects. A compelling novel that draws you deep into a compulsive read that owes its heart, soul, and passion to following courtroom thrillers with dramas. ‘’This author is a consummate storyteller. I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline. Courtroom drama was hilarious, that was something I was looking forward to and she did not disappoint me at all. She cleverly discussed touching issues such as ‘forced adoption’ after the second world war. Predicament faced by teenage and single mothers who had their babies taken away from them through forced adoption after the second world war. The author shared the pain and experience of such women. How mothers in similar circumstances as Susan suffered grief that must have been lifelong, and for many it was handed down a generation when their children grew old enough to understand and be disturbed by what had happened to them between the 1950s and the late 1970s.’’ - Sophia Greenfield


Publication Date
Aug 14, 2022
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By (author): LORNAMARIE



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