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Almost a Watery Grave!

ByLyndia Glover

Lake Abbotsford is one of the numerous lakes in the London area. Since I (Bentley Brighton) am a writer and not a sportsman I seldom visit the lake. Inspector Jiles of Scotland Yard is an avid fisherman. He often invites me to join him. My partner Detective Cheerie (large male cream colored cat) loves to visit the lake. He chases squirrels and leaves blowing. On September 25, 2008 we drove to Lake Abbotsford. The leaves were very colorful. Detective Cheerie ran after a rust colored leaf. He hates being wet, so was ignoring the water. An eerie misty fog now covered the lake. Suddenly, Detective Cheerie ran to the end of Pier 13. He stood looking at the water for a moment and jumped in. I screamed, "Cheerie! Cheerie!, but I couldn’t see him in the fog. I knew he was a powerful swimmer, but today the waves pounded Pier 13. I wondered, is my dearest friend gone forever in the murky water? Seventy-third book in the series. *Watch for new books*


Publication Date
Oct 27, 2013
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By (author): Lyndia Glover



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