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The Articles of L.Y.F.E -   Cedric D. Edison

The Articles of L.Y.F.E - Cedric D. Edison

ByM. Chris Collins

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This book is meant to be a tool. It’s intended to be a guide to help those who are desiring and searching for a better life. A happier more fulfilled life. The Articles of LYFE is a collection of lessons learned. The 8 author / coaches came together with separate lessons that we all have learned over the coarse of our lives thus far. Yet we all have one common goal, and that’s to help you become and BetterY OU. And that’s because the only way you can have a BetterLYFE is to become a BetterYOU. You might have also noticed that in the title, “The Articles of LYFE,” the word life is spelled differently. It is spelled L Y F E, and that’s on purpose; it is not a mistype. LYFE stands for Landscape Your Future Everyday. I purposefully chose to use the word landscape because our minds are the real estates of our existence, Foreword vii and we’re talking about mental real estate that manifests into a tangible landscapable piece of property. Our reality is the land on which we design, develop, and build our present & future selves / lives. The landscape relates to the layers of soil and connects that to the states of consciousness in the mind. So when you think about your mind, relate your result in life to the organic layer, which is the grass, the trees, the flowers, or the lack thereof, like a desert. Then you have the topsoil. The topsoil is going to be your conscious mind. The subsoil is going to be your subconscious mind. Then you have what they call the parental layer or the broken material. This is all of the stored-up situations, experiences, and events of your life. The quality of this layer will directly reflect the level or quality of understanding and definitions that you have attached to each and every event and situation of your life. The final layer is the bedrock, and bedrock is going to be who you are to the core. It’s who you are down to your true identity, which is something you can never change because, no matter what you do to yourself, you will always be you. I hope you will find this book inspirational, empowering, enabling, and transformative. I hope it truly serves as a guide and a navigational and developmental tool to help you landscape the best future possible. What should you expect? Expect lessons, tips, and stories from different coaches, who are people just like you, and just like you, we all want a better life, and we’re doing that by bettering our mindsets & life relationships. Keep that in mind as you read this book & be blessed.


Publication Date
Aug 27, 2022
Biographies & Memoirs
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By (author): M. Chris Collins


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