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Math Mammoth Grade 6-A Worktext (International Version)

International version

ByMaria Miller

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Math Mammoth Grade 6-A worktext (International version, 2022 edition) is the student worktext for the first half of grade 6, and part of the Math Mammoth Grade 6 complete curriculum. This book covers a revision of the four operations with whole numbers, beginning algebra concepts, decimal arithmetic, ratios, and percent. The worktext contains both the necessary instruction and the problems and exercises (the 'text' and the 'work'; thus a "worktext"), and is for the most part self-teaching. The first chapter revises the four operations with whole numbers (including long division), place value and rounding. Students are also introduced to exponents. Chapter 2 delves into algebra topics, such as expressions and equations, inequalities and using two variables. Chapter 3 has to do with decimals, revising all of decimal arithmetic. Chapter 4 is about ratios, rates, unit rates, equivalent ratios and problem solving using bar models. In chapter 5, the goal is to develop a basic understanding of percent, to see percentages as decimals and to learn to calculate discounts. A companion to this book, Math Mammoth Grade 6-B worktext covers the second half of 6th grade math (available separately at Lulu). Also available are the answer keys and a book containing cumulative revisions and chapter tests.


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Aug 29, 2018
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By (author): Maria Miller


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