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21st Century Muslim Mind

21st Century Muslim Mind

Bymf ismail

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“Lord, show me things as they are You show a thing as fair and in reality it is ugly You show a thing as ugly and in truth it is beautiful Show us everything just as it is So that we will not fall into the snare Prophet Muhammad Prayer. To understand Islam we must trace back the history and the etiquette of the first community of Islam and the way the prophet free the mind of the various God of power controlling the mind. How do we view the world, thru what lenses are we seeing? Are we seeing from shattered view? Violence world? World full of hatred? Hostile world? Are we a follower of the real teaching of Islam or are we following the mere fancy and our imagination of what our mind tells us? How do we value and judge the beauty of Islam? Imagine in the middle of the desert, devoid of rain and green vegetation, a rose grew and bloom. Its scent soon reaches to every part of the world.


Publication Date
Jul 19, 2007
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): mf ismail


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