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Super Ai #176

The Guardians of AI and Watchers AI (aka Watch AI)

ByMitchell Kwok

One of the features of the AI symbiotes is the ability to imbue the host with superpowers. The AI symbiote combines both AI and the atom manipulator to generate a wide variety of superpowers, which includes: levitation, forcefields, laser guns, tractor beams, artificial telekinesis, invisibility, quick healing, morphing blades, super speed, super intelligence and super attacks. This one single device the atom manipulator can replicate any superpowers – it can replicate any superhero or villain depicted in Marvel Comics or DC Comics. The universal device accomplishes this by applying Super AI to quantum mechanics. The AI is tracking all of the atoms in the environment and manipulating them using a sophisticated laser system -- the device is moving atoms, breaking atoms apart, suspending atoms in a force field, and merging atoms to form complex molecule structures. For example, in order to levitate an object, the atom manipulator has to generate intelligent pressure (through sound) to counteract gravity, and this is done by controlling every atom in the air and creating structured air molecules to move or suspend an object. Artificial intelligence is the key to manipulating individual atoms and electrons.


Publication Date
May 23, 2022
Comics & Graphic Novels
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Mitchell Kwok



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