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Your Words Hold Weight

ByMonique Hollins

I realized this year that my talk actually matched my walk. It was times I posted the most inspirational quotes and captions and while feeling completely opposite of what I said. Sometimes the things flowing from the heart are not always the things you are doing in your daily life. No, this doesn't make you fake this makes you faithful to your process to speak what you seek until you see what you said. In this e-book I give you access into my mind, over the last thirty-six months, through the captions I've published. When I started scrolling through my own captions and encouraging myself, I knew I had to put my words into one space and share them with you. Who I am now is barely recognizable to who I was before. I recently learned that the speech center is the largest center of the brain and it controls every nerve cell in your body. In fact, this was actually discovered by neuroscientist only a few years ago but there's many Biblical scriptures that were documented over 2,000 years ago that back up this evidence. Use your gifts, use your voice, use your words, even when you don't have the evidence to speak what you seek until up see what you said because your words hold weight!


Publication Date
Dec 1, 2021
Personal Growth
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By (author): Monique Hollins



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