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The Final Project

ByNoah Saucedo

The Biggest Party of July is a story about the first concert I ever attended. The story has elements sewn in to make it seem like the reader was there with me. As the reader, there are a few things to take away. The first is that it is important to cherish important times in your life and do things you like with people you like. Gokua’s revenge is a spin on shonen jump anime. It includes battling, fights, and heavy suspense that has the reader wondering what will happen next. While reading this piece of work, there is no lesson, it is for enjoyment and for the reader to feel the suspense and the need for more. The Adventures of Jizzy Longtoad is a fun story about a single frog and many different faces you might recognize. Jizzy starts his adventures in his home and travels through the multiverse after a mishap with the cops leading to him being kidnapped. This piece is suspenseful yet very enjoyable with the included fights and music.


Publication Date
May 19, 2022
No Known Copyright (Public Domain)
By (author): Noah Saucedo



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