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Feng Shui Qi Concepts. Energy engineering for the individual.

ByPeter Corbett

Feng Shui Qi Concepts. Energy Engineering For Life The book that will change your life. This amazing CD includes 290 Feng Shui packed pages and over 100 full colour Feng Shui images and dozens of printable Feng Shui tools to help you enhance your home and improve Feng Shui fortune. Today we are living in the 21st century, over a millennium has past since the first Feng Shui manuscripts were written. How do we apply those same Feng Shui principals in our modern world with our changed attitudes towards equality, mobility, sexuality, morality, and consumerism? How, why, and do the ancient cures and symbolism actually work. If not how or why has Feng Shui been instrumental in improving health wealth romance and fortunes for thousands of people over hundreds of years. Explore the science behind the mysteries and get the tools to do your own readings. Get Feng Shui Qi Concepts today and start engineering the energies in your life to obtain fame fortune and happiness?


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2005
Personal Growth
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By (author): Peter Corbett



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